Key Data

Taihua Group Overview

Main Products

Big Bag, Container liner

Sales offices

China, Asia, Europe and US

Sales agents

Singapore, Korean, Netherlands

Production lines

5 in China

1 in Cambodia

Processing 10000 PP tones

4 Mio Big Bags


of which managers 100

workers 1100

Product at a glance

Sample title

Our Products

In accordance with the use of the field of chemical medicine products packaging; dangerous goods packaging; food hygiene products packaging;

Sample title


Polypropylene (PP) woven lining bag; polyethylene (PE) blown lining bag;

Contact us

China Group has a worldwide sales network designed to provide customers with the most comprehensive and systematic sales and consulting services

Asia-Pacific Area

  • China/Taiwan
  • China +86-13818064183
  • Taiwan +886-919191733
  • outside China /Taiwan
  • +86-15950487546


  • +49-1725324004


  • +1-7703359060;+86-13671898496

Technical support



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